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Buy MTP Kit Online a Safe Solution to Unwanted Pregnancy

Protect your privacy, order MTP kit online, and perform a safe and easy abortion process from the comfort of your home. Give importance to your reproductive rights and choose a non-invasive and non-intrusive abortion method. Buy abortion pill online and take control of your body autonomy.

Buy MTP Kit Online and get the most effective pills, mifepristone and misoprostol for the medical abortion. Medical abortion, or medication abortion is the method used to terminate the pregnancy with the help of abortion pills.

Medical abortion is a FDA-approved safe and legal method to terminate the pregnancy at early stages. Medical abortion is proven to be 97-99% effective if taken correctly as per the instructions. Women who do not prefer a surgical abortion can opt for medical abortion. It is one the easiest and safest methods to eliminate pregnancy.

The earlier you take the abortion pill, the more effective the pills are. The success rate of abortion pills are 96-98%, however if you take it after 10 weeks of pregnancy, the effectiveness may decrease to 94-96%. Buy MTP Kit online USA from our website with free shipping over the order of $199.

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What is an MTP Kit?

An MTP Kit is a combination of two most used abortion pills for the termination of pregnancy, they are mifepristone and misoprostol, the blend of both works absolute marvels. An MTP Kit contains one mifepristone tablet 200mg, and four misoprostol tablets (each 200mcg). You can easily through our website.

How to Consume MTP Kit?

An MTP Kit contains two abortion pills, one mifepristone tablet (200mg) and four misoprostol tablets (each 200 mcg, 4 x 200 mcg = 800 mcg).The abortion pills are extremely effectively when taken under the guidance of your healthcare provider. The consumption of both is equally important to eliminate the pregnancy, within the period of 15 days.

To start the abortion procedure, you must first consume mifepristone. It can be taken orally with water after having your food or on an empty stomach. After the consumption of mifepristone you feel some mild pain in your abdomen and light spotting.

If you only take mifepristone and no misoprostol your abortion process will be incomplete. So next you have to consume four tablets of misoprostol. You can either take four tablets at once, or two tablets at a time, within a gap of three hours. Misoprostol can either be taken orally, buccally (keep two tablets in each cheek pocket and let them dissolve), or vaginally (insert the tablets in your vagina towards the cervix).

What to Expect After Taking the MTP Kit?

Taking an MTP Kit may cause some mild to moderate side effects which are completely normal during the abortion process. These possible side effects include:





    Uterine Cramps


    Abdomen/Pelvic Pain

    Heavy Vaginal Bleeding

Now these side effects are very common, but for people who have weak immune systems, the doses may get heavier and the side effects could be severe. So before taking abortion pills, consult with your healthcare provider, and know the correct dosage required.

Who Should Not Buy MTP Kit Online?

Although an MTP Kit can be bought by any individual who’s seeking an abortion, there are exceptions to some cases. These cases includes:

    Individual who has an ectopic pregnancy.

    Women who have IUD (Intrauterine Device) in place.

    A woman who is in the second trimester of the pregnancy.

    Women suffering from breathing issues or any uterine condition.

    If you have bleeding disorder.

    If you are allergic to abortion pills.

    Individuals suffering from porphyria and chronic adrenal failure.

This is the reason ultrasound is important before taking abortion pills. Ultrasound and some tests may help you know if you can take abortion pills or not.


Q.1) How safe is MTP Kit?

Ans: MTP kit is FDA-approved and extremely safe to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. It has a success rate of 98% and that too with no complications.

Q.2) What is the cost of MTP Kit?

Ans: An MTP Kit price depends on the brand and quality. We provide MTP Kit at $199, plus free shipping on orders above $199.

Q.3) What is MTP kit used for?

Ans: An MTP Kit is used to terminate an unwanted pregnancy in the early stages. The MTP kit contains mifepristone and misoprostol, the best and most effective combination to eliminate the pregnancy.

Q.4) Where can I buy MTP Kit online?

Ans: On our website www.pillsonlinerx.com, you can easily buy MTP Kit online and perform a non-invasive medical abortion at home. We meet all the legal standards to sell these products.

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