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Abortion is the process of ending a pregnancy. Abortion can be done with both medical and surgical processes. Medical abortion can be done with the help of medication. And the surgical process is done using surgical instruments and it involves an anesthetic.

MTP kit is used to end the pregnancy without going through any surgery, by medical abortion. It is useful to terminate gestation of up to 8 weeks. Duration of pregnancy is counted from the first day of the last period of the women. The earlier in pregnancy, the easier the abortion.

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MTP Kit - 200mg/0.2mg
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You can easily buy MTP kit online from an online pharmacy website. This is a safe and affordable method for medical abortion. It is a simple process and can be performed at your home. You can carry out a medical abortion on your own without the direct involvement of any doctor or nurse.

Dosage MTP kit comprises of

An MTP kit involves a combination of two medications: Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The medications are in the exact quantity that is necessary to carry out a successful abortion. During the period of two weeks, it completely removes the contents of the pregnancy from the uterus thus completing the abortion.

Dosage MTP kit comprises of

MTP kit is composed of a total of five pills dosage of two different medications which are as follows

  • One 200 mg pill of Mifepristone
  • Four 200 mcg pills of Misoprostol ( total 800 mcg Misoprostol )

Method to use MTP kit

First, you need to confirm your pregnancy with an ultrasound so that you can be sure that the pregnancy is intrauterine. In case of pregnancy outside the uterus medical abortion won’t be effective and you may need to go through surgery to perform a successful abortion.

It is also necessary to calculate the period of your gestation. It can be done with an ultrasound or pregnancy test calculator which is easily available on various online pharmacy sites. Medical abortion using an MTP kit can be done in the early stage of pregnancy.

Dosage intake of MTP kit is as follows

The first medication of Mifepristone 200 mg pill is to be taken orally with a glass of water. After 24-48 hours of your first medication, you take your second set of medications. The second medication comprises four pills of Misoprostol 200 mcg each as part of a total 800 mcg. This can be taken by buccal intake or through the vagina according to your preference. The vaginal intake method is said to be more effective than the buccal one.

After the intake of MTP kit contents

After you take the second set of your pills abortion may start and get completed in 8 -10 days. To confirm the successful medical termination of your pregnancy you should take a blood pregnancy test or an ultrasound.

An incomplete abortion can lead to fetal malformation. If it is a case of ongoing pregnancy after the unsuccessful medical abortion you should go for surgical abortion to completely remove the remains of pregnancy.

Effectiveness of medical abortion

In general abortion pills are very effective and results in successful abortion in most cases when instructions are carefully followed. In general observation the sooner you are in your gestation period the more successful medical abortion tends to be. In case medical abortion does not result in successful abortion you need to go for surgical abortion.

The side effects of MTP kit you should expect after you buy MTP Kit online

The medication of Mifepristone and Misoprostol causes short term side effects as follows

  • Vaginal bleeding and itching
  • There will be cramps in varying degree
  • Pain in the pelvic region
  • Spotting or heavy bleeding
  • Body pain and headache

You should seek medical help in case any of the above symptoms can not be handled with over-the-counter pain killers or you show some other unexpected symptoms. You should also seek help in case symptom does not reduce after two days.

Precautions and contraindications you should know before you buy MTP Kit online

  • You should not have any conditions related to the adrenal gland, lungs, heart, and liver
  • Make sure you are not allergic to Mifepristone, misoprostol, and other prostaglandins
  • Remove any intrauterine devices before starting a procedure
  • Do not travel while you are in the abortion process
  • Avoid heavy and excessive exercises
  • It is best to take bed rest till you feel better
  • Follow a balanced healthy diet for fast recovery
  • Avoid all dairy products as it may lead to infection
  • Stop nicotine and alcohol intake

In case you take the wrong dosage

For the best results, pills must be taken as instructed. In case you forget any part of the medication take it as soon as possible or you can contact a medical expert for advice regarding the same.

If you take an overdose by mistake it can lead to serious effects like drowsiness, seizures, irregular heartbeat, etc. In such a case you should contact a medical practitioner without wasting any time.

The right method to store the MTP kit after you buy MTP Kit online:

It is important to store medication properly to avoid any damage or contamination. Always store the Mtp kit in a cool and dry place and make sure it is away from heat and moisture. The ideal temperature to store the MTP kit is 25 degrees C.

Disposal method

Medication should not be disposed of in an improper way. Do not throw medication in the drainage nor flush it out through the toilet. Avoid mixing and throwing it along with the regular household waste. It is advised to ask the medical practitioner for the right way to dispose of medication

To buy MTP kit online

If you have decided to go for medical abortion the using an MTP kit for abortion is considered best. It contains the right dosage for a medical abortion. You can easily buy MTP kit online from this online pharmacy at an affordable price. There are various shipping options we provide, you can choose an option that suits you the best. We also provide multiple payment options for a fast, secure, and smooth payment process.

reviews of Paige CinqMars
Paige CinqMars
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I am very happy and surprised with the MTP Kit abortion pill as I was not sure about medical abortion but it was successful and I really liked it as my test came negative. Thanks, MTP Kit and pillsonlinerx.

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Ethel Hinkley
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MTP Kit really works well. I have used it for the second time and had a successful abortion. Thank you pillsonlinerx for being the best pharmaceutical website.

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Tia Warren
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This was my second medical abortion with MTP Kit. Really effective and does not cause any complications. Must go for it.

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Rachel Rhodes
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MTP Kit is best pill. The live chat expert suggested me to take the pill. Thanks a lot for helping me out in this difficult situation.

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Coleen Williams
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I am 27 years old married and the mother of one child. I am not planning for a second as we are going through financial issues. So I chose the MTP kit from this website after going through the reviews. After the delivery, I took it as per the instructions and finally had a successful abortion. I will appreciate this product.

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Brenda Robinson
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Thank you so much for the timely delivery. I was in hurry to get rid of my unwanted pregnancy and finally I got rid of it. Thanks a lot, pillsonlinerx.

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June W. Stewart
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MTP, excellent product, very beneficial for medical abortion if your pregnancy is within 8 weeks.

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Song Walker
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Felt like a natural miscarriage with MTP Kit. just take the pills as said and you are done. That’s it. Such an easy process. I would definitely recommend it to my married friends.

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Amanda Nunez
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MTP Kit is a Great product, very helpful for the abortion process. Packaging was as mentioned and great services. Loved this website.

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Sallie Spencer
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Such a good and necessary pill in difficult times. It helped me in getting rid of my unwanted pregnancy. Thanks a lot, pillsonlinerx.

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