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Medical Abortion process is also termed as ending an undesired pregnancy using abortion pills. It is a safest alternative to surgical abortion. Women who does not wish to go for surgery can go for medical abortion with MTP Kit if the gestation week is within 8 weeks. However, the gestation week for medical abortion is counted from the first day of the last menstruation cycle.

Medical abortion does not involve anaesthesia or any surgical tools. The earlier the pregnancy the effective the medical abortion. You can definitely buy mtp kit online from our website. We deliver the abortion pill at your door step with all necessary precautions related to Covid-19. So you can make a safe and affordable purchase from our website.

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What is the consumption method of MTP Kit?

An MTP kit comprises 2 medicines that are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Both the medicines are equally important to do a successful pregnancy termination. Within the period of 15 days the abortion pill completely removes the parts of the pregnancy from the uterus leading to a successful abortion.

The first pill Mifepristone 200 mg is required to be consumed orally with water. Post 24 to 48 hours you need to take your second pill which is Misoprostol 800 mcg. You can place all the 4 pills in pairs of 2 on each side of your cheek pouches and keep it for exactly 30 minutes. After 30 minutes you can eat or drink anything.

If you are having a problem with vomiting, then you can take the pills vaginally by inserting it in the vaginal area. Vaginal intake is also a safe method of taking Misoprostol.

What does MTP kit include in it?

MTP kit includes Mifepristone and Misoprostol in a total of 5 pills dosage which are as follows:

    1 pill of Mifepristone in 200 mg

    4 pills of Misoprostol in 800 mcg (200 mcg each)

How to use an MTP Kit?

Initially, before you buy mtp kit online you need to check your gestation week by doing a ultrasound check-up, so that you can confirm to go for medical abortion if the pregnancy is within 8 weeks and intrauterine.

You can use a pregnancy test calculator to calculate your gestation week. It is available online on various pharmacy websites.

Medical abortion is not possible if the pregnancy is outside the uterus or abnormal such as ectopic or tubal pregnancy. In such case medical abortion won’t be successful and your medical expert may recommend you to go for a surgical abortion as it is the best option in such case.

What to expect after taking the MTP Kit?

After you buy mtp kit online, the first dose of Mifepristone belongs to the Anti-progesterone category which does not lead to any bleeding but it ends the pregnancy so that it stops from developing. After 24 to 48 hours you will take the second pill Misoprostol 800 mcg. You may observe severe bleeding after 3-5 hours and it will stay up to 10-15 days.

After 10-15 days you need to go for an ultrasound or pregnancy test to confirm if your pregnancy has ended successfully. With MTP Kit your pregnancy termination is always effective and the pregnancy test may surely come negative. So you need to take the pills as instructed by the medical expert for complete pregnancy termination. Do not skip or overdose the medicines.

What is the effective rate of medical abortion with MTP Kit?

The abortion pills are very easy to consume and give positive outcome in most cases if you follow the instructions properly. Medical expert says that if your pregnancy period is within 8 weeks then the medical abortion is more successful. If your pregnancy week is above 8 weeks but up to 10 weeks, then consult your medical practitioner once. However, if your pregnancy week is above 10 weeks then you should choose surgical abortion as medical abortion can be risky.

What are the side effects of MTP Kit?

The medicine leads to some common side effects which can be cured. The side effects are as follows;

    Headache and body pain

    Cramps and stomach pain

    Spotting or bleeding which is severe

    Ache in pelvic region


    Diarrhoea, etc.

You do not need any urgent medical help as these symptoms may go away within a few days. However, if it worsens or doesn't go away within 4-5 days then visit your medical expert immediately.

What are the necessary precautions and contraindications you need to go through before you buy mtp kit online?

    The first and important thing is to remove the Intrauterine device if you have it installed before beginning the process.

    Ensure that you are not hypersensitive to any components of Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

    You should inform your medical practitioner prior if you have kidney, liver, lungs, heart, adrenal gland issues.

    Do not take alcohol or nicotine while on abortion process.

    Avoid any kind of heavy exercise or weight lifting.

    Do not travel anywhere far when you are on your abortion process.

    Avoid intake of dairy products as it can cause infection.

    Follow a balanced diet for speedy recovery.

    It is suggested to take bed rest until you feel better.

What if you consume the wrong dosage of MTP Kit?

Once you buy Mifepristone and Misoprostol Kit Do not consume it without understanding the dosage. For effective results the abortion pills should be consumed as recommended. In case of missed dose if you forget to take the medicine then take it as soon as you remember. However, contact your medical expert first.

In case of overdose, inform your medical expert immediately without wasting any time. You can observe severe side effects such as irregular heartbeat, seizures, drowsiness, etc.

Where to get an MTP Kit online?

If you are sure to undergo medical abortion, then you can buy mtp kit online from our website at an affordable cost. MTP kit has both the abortion pills and it is very effective as compared to other abortion pills. Our online pharmacy deals in FDA approved pills so you do not need to worry about anything if you buy mtp kit online from us. We also ensure safe payment methods with fast and overnight shipping facilities.

How to store the abortion pill after you Buy mtp kit online?

It is necessary to keep the medicine in a proper dry and cool place. Avoid contact from dust, moisture and heat.

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MTP Kit may cause discomforts such as cramping, nausea, and heavy bleeding. But these are expected. Ultimately, you do get the pregnancy terminated.

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It is so hard to find a pharmacy that provides abortion pill options. Keep up the pro-choice efforts.