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Generic RU486 abortion pills can be used to end a pregnancy that is unplanned or unwanted for some medical cause or personal reasons. Abortion pill Generic RU486 is used in abortion of up to 8 weeks of gestation for medical abortion. Medical abortion is a safe method and is preferred over surgical abortion as it does not need any anesthetic or surgical instruments. This can be done in the privacy and comfort of your home.

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The function of Generic RU486:

Once you buy Generic RU486 online, the abortion pill contains Mifepristone as the primary ingredient and it is also a primary medication in the process of medical abortion. Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone. It blocks the progesterone receptors in the uterus lining. Progesterone is an essential hormone for the growth of the fetus. When the Mifepristone blocks the progesterone supply to the fetus it gets detached from the uterus lining and pregnancy terminates as there won’t be further growth of the fetus after detached from the uterus lining.

You need to take Misoprostol in combination with Generic RU486 pills to complete the process of medical abortion. Misoprostol causes the enhanced contraction in the uterus lining that separates the thickened uterus lining and expels it from the body. The remnants of the pregnancy contents are removed from the uterus through the bleeding.


First, you need to take a single abortion pill Generic RU486 as your first medication. It contains 200 mg Mifepristone. You can consume this dosage orally with some water.

After a day or two (24-48 hours) later you take Generic RU486 you should take your second dose of Misoprostol. This is a total dose of 800 mcg divided into 4 pills of 200 mcg Misoprostol.

Method of administration:

You can take the abortion pill Generic RU486 by oral consumption. Simply engulf the pill with water. Do not crush or dissolve this pill in something before consumption as this might result in a reduction in the effectiveness of the medication.

The second dose of Misoprostol is in four pills and should be taken 24 hours after the first Mifepristone one. You can take this dose buccally or vaginally.

Buccal intake- If you choose to take this dose buccally you should put two pills each in your cheek pouch. These pills should stay in your cheek pouches undisturbed for at least 30 minutes. You should not intentionally or accidentally chew on or engulf any pill during this time. If some part of the pills still remains unabsorbed in your mouth you can engulf it after completion of 30-minute duration.

Vaginal Intake- If you choose to take the Misoprostol dose vaginally then you should insert the four pills in the vagina one by one. Try to push the pills as further deep inside the vagina as you can. You can do this with your finger and not any object in the vagina.

The vaginal method of medication administration as there are reduced chances of disturbance like vomiting. You can choose any posture comfortable for you.

What to expect after you buy Generic RU486 Online

The day you take your first medication of Generic RU486 abortion pill you are unlikely to observe any symptoms or pain. When you take your second medicine you can expect to experience cramping which will last for a few hours. This will be accompanied by heavy bleeding. You will see thick clots passing with blood. This indicates the success of abortion. These might not be as prominent in the pregnancy at very early weeks and will need a blood pregnancy test or ultrasound to confirm the success of abortion.

What are the Advantages:

Medical abortion using Generic RU486 is much cheaper as compared to surgical abortion. You can carry out a medical abortion on your own. There are no surgical instruments used so no possibility of injury. No anesthesia is involved in it. It is a lot less invasive and offers you complete privacy.

Side effects:

  • You are likely to feel some nausea
  • There will be severe cramping
  • You might get stomach pain as well as body pain
  • Possibility of headache
  • You might also experience fever and chills
  • There can be a feeling of itching during the discharge
  • There is also the possibility that you will diarrhea

All the side effects associated with medical abortion are temporary in occurrence and the intensity of symptoms decreases the time.

Precautions you should know before you buy Generic RU486 online:

  • If there is no bleeding and cramping even after the duration of 24 hours you should contact your medical practitioner as there might be some problem and you may need an abortion surgery or repetition of dosage.
  • Make sure that your pregnancy is the intrauterine type where the fetus grows inside the uterus and not the tubular type where a fetus grows inside the fallopian tube.
  • Medical abortion may not be the right option for pregnancy older than 8 weeks.
  • Make sure your medical history is related to any vital organs or if you have had more than five pregnancies in the past.
  • If you have an IUD device you should remove it first and then only start to take abortion pills. The presence of any IUD devices during a medical abortion will cause you much higher pain.
  • If you are not able to handle the pain with common over-the-counter painkillers you should ask your doctor for advice.
  • Don’t indulge in any excessive exercise while you are still going through the abortion.
  • Avoid every type of travel during this period.
  • Get a healthy diet during this period.
  • Stop all types of alcohol consumption and smoking before start abortion medication.
    • How to buy Generic RU486 Online:

      You can easily buy Generic RU486 online in the USA by placing an order for the same at this website. Your payments are being secured with the latest and advanced security system. We also follow strict data security measures to protect your information.


      After you buy Generic RU486 online follow simple instructions for its storage. Store it in a cool and dry place away from the moisture.

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