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What is medical abortion with Generic RU486: Medical abortion with abortion pills are used for ending unwanted pregnancy or unplanned pregnancy because of any personal or medical cause. Abortion pills can be recommended for women whose gestation week is up to 8 weeks (56 days). Many women choose medical abortion as it is one of the effective and affordable process as compared to surgical abortion and it does not require any surgical instruments or anesthesia. You can end your pregnancy easily with medical abortion and buy Generic RU486 online.

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What is the working of Generic RU486?

Once you choose medical abortion then buy Generic RU486 online, as it contains essential component Mifepristone and it belongs to anti-progesterone category. It helps to block the progesterone hormone which is essential for pregnancy to grow. In this manner there won’t be any growth and the fetus gets parted from the uterus lining. Your medical expert may also recommend you to take Misoprostol (cytolog) with Generic RU486 to complete the abortion process as Misoprostol helps to narrow the uterus lining and discharge the pregnancy contents’ via vaginal bleeding.

You need to take Misoprostol in combination with Generic RU486 pills to complete the process of medical abortion. Misoprostol causes the enhanced contraction in the uterus lining that separates the thickened uterus lining and expels it from the body. The remnants of the pregnancy contents are removed from the uterus through the bleeding.

What is the dosage process of Generic RU486?

Firstly, you need to consume a single pill of Generic RU486 with 200 mg strength. You can take Generic RU486 with water.

Then after a gap of 24 to 48 hours you need to consume the second dose i.e. 4 pills of Misoprostol. The complete dose is 800 mcg comprising 4 pills of 200 mcg each.

How does the abortion pill operate, and what is the intake pattern?

According to the guidelines given by the FDA, medical termination requires two office visits.

On the first visit, you are required to take one tablet of Generic RU-486 (Mifeprex). The strength of this tablet is 200 mg, which has to be consumed orally. This medication works by hindering the flow of blood and nutrients to the developing fetus.

After taking the first pill, you are required to maintain a gap of 1-2 days and take the Misoprostol pill. The weight of this medication is 800 mcg, which is divided into four tablets of 200 mcg each. This medication leads to contractions and expels the embryo. You are advised to take this medication at home.

7 to 15 days later, you need to go for a second visit to your recognized medical practitioner to verify that your abortion procedure is successful.

What are the expected side affects you should know before you buy the abortion pill online?

You are expected to observe some side effects after using the pregnancy termination pills. The symptoms include:


    Heavy bleeding

    Chills or mild fever

    Stomach pain

    Diarrhea and vomiting

    Cramping, etc.

Some of the side effects may go away within a few days, but if it stays for a more extended period, then you should consult your medical practitioner as soon as possible.

Some essential warning signs: You should immediately contact your medical practitioner if you experience the following symptoms within the initial 24 hours after taking the abortion pills;

Heavy vaginal bleeding soaks more than two sanitary pads for more than 2 hours.


    Diarrhea without fever or with fever


    Severe stomach pain or discomfort

    Fever (100.4 degrees or higher) beyond 4-5 hours.

What should you expect after taking Generic RU486 online?

After you take your 1st medicine you are likely to observe stomach pain and cramps as the pregnancy stops from developing.

Sometimes you may also observe spotting after taking the first pill. Or else after taking the second pill you will observe severe bleeding. You may observe big blood clots the size of a lemon. You do not need to worry about it as it indicates the success of abortion.

Once the bleeding is stopped then you need to go for a blood pregnancy test or ultrasound test to confirm the success of your abortion process.

What are the Advantages of abortion process with Generic Ru486?

Medical abortion with Generic RU486 is very affordable as compared to surgical abortion.

You can do the medical abortion at your home with your own comfort. No surgical tools are required to do the process. However, if the process is left incomplete then surgery may be required.

No involvement of anesthesia in medical abortion.

It is less invasive as compared to surgical abortion and offers you complete privacy.

What are the precautions you should know before you buy Generic ru486 online?

    You are not suggested to go for a medical abortion and buy Generic Ru486 online if your pregnancy is more than 8 weeks.

    If there is no cramping and bleeding even after taking both the pills then you need to contact your medical practitioner as there may be some issue and your medical practitioner may suggest you to repeat the dosage or go for a surgery.

    Make sure that your pregnancy type is intrauterine and the fetus grows in the uterus and not ectopic or tubal pregnancy where the fetus is grown outside the fallopian tube.

    It is also suggested to remove any IUD device if installed. As if you take the abortion pills with IUD then it may cause more pain and complication.

    Share your medical history with your medical expert before going for medical abortion. Also inform your expert if you had more than 5 pregnancies in the past.

    If you are not used to bearing the pain and cramps then ask the expert to suggest you a pain killer or any over-the-counter pills to control the pain.

    Avoid any kind of weight lifting and travel during your abortion process.

    Try to eat a healthy diet during your abortion process.

    Avoid smoking and intake of alcohol consumption before and during the abortion process.

      How to buy Generic RU486 online?

      Buy Generic Ru486 online in USA easily from our online pharmacy. You can get both the pills with fast shipping and an easy payment method. Our website is reliable and the payments made by our customers are secured with advance security.

      How to store the abortion pill?

      Once you buy Generic RU486 online you can store it at normal room temperature. Avoid it from heat, moist and keep it away from small children’s and pets.

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