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What is Mifeprex?

If a woman in an early stage wants to terminate pregnancy for some personal or medical reasons, then medical abortion is recommended. One can easily buy Mifeprex online as Mifeprex is a 200mg oral tablet. For pregnancy of up to 8 weeks, Mifeprex abortion pills can be used. Two medications are taken in combination to terminate the pregnancy in the medical abortion. Mifeprex is taken in combination with Misoprostol which causes contraction in the uterus and removes the pregnancy remains for successful medical abortion.

The medical abortion method using Mifeprex abortion pills in combination with Misoprostol has over 90% of success rate. This rate further increases up to 89% in the pregnancies which are in earlier weeks.

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Mifeprex working structure:

Mifeprex contains Mifepristone which has anti-progesterone properties. It stops the supply of progesterone hormone to the fetus through the placenta. Progesterone is necessary for the continuation of pregnancy when its supply is blocked, the fetus stops growing and detaches from the uterus lining thus terminating the pregnancy. Misoprostol which is taken in combination enhances contraction in the womb and expels wombs contents.

Dosage of medication:

After you buy Mifeprex online you need to take a single Mifeprex oral 200mg oral tablet. You can take it orally with a glass of water. This is taken on the first day of your medical abortion and you are not likely to experience any symptoms on this day.

After taking Mifeprex which is a primary abortion tablet with Misoprostone in it, 24 to 48 hours later you will take your second medication. The second part of the meditation consists of 4 Misoprostol pills 200mcg each. It results in a total of 800 mcg Misoprostol dose.

Method to take medication:

You need to take the single Mifeprex pill orally with water. It is best to swallow the Mifeprex tablet as a whole and not chew, crush or break it. This kind of action might reduce its effectiveness.

The four Misoprostol pills as a part of your second set of medications should be taken after one or two days of taking your first pill. You can take the Misoprostol pill buccally by placing two pills in both chick pouches for 30 minutes. Make sure that you do not chew or accidentally engulf the pills before the completion of 30-40 minutes.

If there remain pills unabsorbed after 30 minutes unabsorbed, you can swallow it. You should drink some water before you put Misoprostol pills in your mouth so it may make the absorption of pills faster.

You can also take the Misoprostol pills vaginally. This method is generally advised by doctors as it won’t be disturbed in case of vomit. In this method, you need to insert the four pills into your vagina one after another. Push it as deep as possible using your finger. You can choose any process like squatting, sitting, or standing for this process as per your convenience.

The preparation you should do before you buy Mifeprex online:

First, you must make sure with a blood pregnancy test or ultrasound that your pregnancy is inside the uterus and not somewhere in the fallopian tube. As in the case of pregnancy in the fallopian tube, medical abortion does not give desired results.

Before you buy Mifeprex online make sure that you are not allergic to any contents of any medication. In case of prior knowledge of allergies communicate it to a medical practitioner and follow their advice.

Choose a comfortable place time and clothes before you start the abortion process. Having comfortable surroundings will ease you in the process. There will be bleeding and the possibility of some kind of pain so it is important that you stock up maxi pads in advance and some over-the-counter painkillers in case you feel like you need some during the process.

Make sure you don’t have any prior engagement or work on the day you take your second medication as you should take bed rest on that day.

Precaution you need to follow:

  • Inform your medical practitioner about your medical history related to any allergies or issues with vital organs.
  • Follow a healthy diet and keep yourself properly hydrated so you will not feel tired and recover faster.
  • Do not indulge in sexual intercourse up to four weeks of the day of your abortion process or as advised by your medical practitioner.
  • Use only sanitary pads and not tampons or menstrual cups. Any object in the vagina can lead to swelling or infection.
  • Remove any intrauterine device if installed before you start the medical abortion process.
  • Contact your medical professional in case you do not experience bleeding after 24 hours of taking your second medication of Misoprostol.

Possible side effects of the process:

There are only a few temporary symptoms associated with medical abortion using Mifeprex 200mg oral tablet those are as follows

  • Feeling of nausea
  • Fever which may last for over four of time
  • Slight to major pain in the pelvic region
  • Tiredness or the feeling of weakness
  • There is also the possibility of back pain along with stomach pain
  • Some might experience some vomiting
  • The severe cramps are expected which will reduce in hours
  • Spotting can happen for more than two weeks
  • There is also a possibility of diarrhea
  • You might feel a little dizzy

Know success of medical abortion:

After taking your second medication you start to experience cramping and bleeding in hours. When you see heavy bleeding and thick mass or clots passing along with the bleeding it indicates the success of medical abortion. This can be difficult to observe in the case of early pregnancy.

You should take an ultrasound to confirm your abortion after a couple of weeks since you started the abortion process.

How to store the pills once you buy Mifeprex online:

When you buy Mifeprex you should store it properly. Store the medication away from the heat in a cool place. Keep Mifeprex out of children’s reach. Make sure the place is dry and free from moisture.

How to buy Mifeprex online:

You can buy Mifeprex pill from an online pharmacy website. For the best Mifeprex price buy it from this website. You can order Mifeprex online in the USA with the help of a smooth and secure process with multiple easy payment options.

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Thank you for delivering me the abortion pills in discreet packaging. It was so easy to keep the abortion process private without letting anyone know.

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I was facing unwanted pregnancy at the age of 24 but after using the Mifeprex abortion pill the abortion started and the bleeding was so severe but I took a pain killer to ease the pain. However, the process was easy you can go for it if you want to end your unwanted pregnancy. Thanks, pillsonlinerx.

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Medical abortion is so easy. I had a successful medical abortion without any surgery. Also, it is reasonably priced on this website. Must buy.

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I was not ready to go for surgery so I planned to end the pregnancy with medical abortion. At first, I was scared that will it work or not but when I read reviews I thought to give it a try and ordered the abortion pills. Thankfully after taking it as recommended the bleeding started and my abortion started. I felt so relieved.

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Mifeprex is a nice product. It can be easily swallowed and the effect of the product is seen immediately. My abortion got successful. Overall good experience with medical abortion.

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This website is best for abortion pills. I ended my pregnancy 5 days ago and I did my pregnancy test again which came negative. Thanks a lot.

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