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What is Medical Abortion Pills?

Medical abortion is also known as abortion with pills and it is the most recommended process if the gestation week is within 8 weeks. Medical abortion include consumption of 2 abortion pills named Mifepristone and second is Misoprostol.(MTP Kit)

Mifepristone is also known as Mifeprex and Generic RU486. It belongs to the anti-progesterone category which blocks the pregnancy from developing. The second pill Misoprostol is also known as Cytolog, it helps to cease the pregnancy and discharge the pregnancy tissues by causing contractions. Medical abortion generally feels like natural miscarriage with severe contractions and bleeding.

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Medical abortion is a termination of a pregnancy with the combination of mifepristone and misoprostol in the early stage of pregnancy. Medical abortion is a safe procedure and can be performed at home.
Abortion pills contain mifepristone and misoprostol. Mifepristone is anti-progesterone and detaches the fetus from the uterus so pregnancy doesn’t continue. Misoprostol causes contractions so the pregnancy remains are removed from the uterus.
Abortion is considered completed when the minor side effects stop and bleeding reduces. But for the assured confirmation you should visit your doctor after 14 days and take a blood pregnancy test or ultrasound.
A successful medical abortion will genuine medication does not cause any damage to your health or side effects.
You can use abortion pills early in the first trimester. The gestational age should be within 9 weeks. Also, the pregnancy should be intrauterine.
Abortion pills end a pregnancy with its anti-progesterone activity. They shed the endometrial lining, which removes the fetus from the uterus lining. Then the pills cause uterine contractions to vacate the womb of all the pregnancy portions. Expelling occurs through heavy vaginal bleeding. The cervix widens to help in the process. You may encounter temporary cramps and abdominal pain.
We provide pills from reputed manufacturers and apply the standard cost. However, to make the purchase cost-effective, we have further reduced the cost. On special events we also run discount schemes for all. You save heavy on the procedure as it is performed at home without invasive technique.
We will send you a tracking code along with your order confirmation by email. You can use that code to track your order and reach our customer support in case of any query.
Recent research by plancpills shows that women all over world are ordering abortion pills in advance as a backup plan to end a pregnancy early in case of a missed period or unexpectedly getting pregnant. There are some healthcare providers that help women to get medical abortion pills beforehand.
It is not illicit to self-manage an abortion. Also, restricting access to pregnancy termination is in violation of human rights according to several organisations. It is unethical to punish those who seek methods to end a pregnancy as reproductive care is one the basic healthcare necessities. And as per research, no matter if it is permitted to get an abortion or not, women will continue to look for pregnancy termination methods to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. Especially, in regions where there is a lack of abortion providers, women choose abortion pills on the internet for easy and quick access. But there have been cases where obtaining medicines to end a pregnancy has landed people in trouble.
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Care After a Medical Abortion

Ending a pregnancy is a critical moment for women, it can cause depression, anxiety, grief, anger, and for some women, it can be a sign of relief. However, in any situation, it is essential to take good care to recover faster. So below are few points you should follow to take care of after medical abortion.

Follow a good/healthy diet routine

Take good rest and avoid taking the stress

Avoid traveling and lifting heavyweights

Intake plenty of water

Avoid sexual intercourse for few days

Go for a regular medical check-up

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