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Buy Cytolog online Medical Abortion With Mifepristone + Misoprostol

Most women prefer going for medical abortion with Cytolog abortion pills as it is effective and non-surgical method to end early-stage gestation. Cytolog is an abortion pill which is used for ending unwanted gestations up to 8 weeks. It reacts on the uterus and causes contractions which leads to vaginal bleeding. It is one of the fast oral strategies which is recommended to stop the pregnancy from growing.

Cytolog is also called Misoprostol and it is generally suggested to take with antiprogesterone Mifepristone. Buy Cytolog online alone can end the pregnancy with an effective rate of 80-95% but the combination can be more effective with 99% effectiveness.

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How does the Cytolog pill work?

Many women buy Cytolog online as it is easily available and you can take it at home at your convenience. Coming towards its functioning it helps to cease the pregnancy and cause contractions in the belly. It consists of an active component Misoprostol which is 200 mcg in each pill individually. It can be consumed by keeping it under the tongue or cheek pouches for half an hour.

This pill hinders the working of progesterone and it stops the working of the progesterone hormone and causes contractions in the womb narrowing the uterus so that the tissues are flushed out with the help of vaginal bleeding.

You are suggested to take the pill during sleep time so that you can get complete rest. Also if you are taking Cytolog pills along with Mifepristone then you have to wait for 24 - 48 hours after taking Mifepristone and then buy Cytolog online in the USA for successful outcomes.

What is the dosage pattern of Cytolog abortion pill?

You are suggested to take 4 pills of Cytolog 200 mcg each by keeping it on each side of your cheeks for 30 minutes. You can also take Cytolog pills by another method which is vaginal. You just need to sit in a squatting position and insert the pills in your vagina deeply. You cannot go to the washroom after that for about 30 minutes so drink water accordingly.

After completion of the dose, you will observe contractions and the bleeding will start within 2 hours to 24 hours of consuming the abortion pill Cytolog.

In case if you do not notice any bleeding for up to 24 hours then you should consult your medical expert. He may suggest you repeat the dosage. Even after repeating the dosage if you do not observe any bleeding or contractions then you may need to visit the emergency clinic and get yourself consulted.

What are the most commonly experienced side effects of Cytolog abortion pill?

There is few commonly experienced side effect of the abortion pill, you should understand it before you buy Cytolog online.

The side effects are as follows;


    Severe contractions



    Loose bowels


    Stomach pain

    Menstrual issues

    Body pain


    Cerebral pain

    Bleeding for more than 15 days, etc.

These symptoms may go away within few day or as the medical abortion is ended within 15-20 days. Reactions and its symptoms can vary from women to women based on the pregnancy week so do not need to worry.

Also, if the symptoms do not go away within a few days then consult your medical practitioner promptly.

Some of the important guidelines and precautions on Cytolog pill?

Post you buy Cytolog online you should be very cautious and mindful while taking the pills. Some of the important guidelines and precautions you need to keep in mind while you are on medical abortion are as follows;

    Inform your medical expert or pharmacist if you have any Intrauterine device installed. You may need to remove it before going on the abortion process.

    Inform your medical expert or pharmacist if you are allergic to any components of the abortion pills or if you have any other allergies, before taking Cytolog.

    Also inform your medical practitioner if you have any medical history before taking the drug such as intestinal disorder (Inflammatory bowel disease) or stomach problems.

    Cytolog is also suggested to cure stomach ulcers so it should not be used if you are pregnant and do not wish to cause any damage to the unborn infant.

    Do not breastfeed the child if you take the abortion pill as the medications may unlikely affect the breastfeeding baby. If you are a breastfeeding mother kindly inform your medical practitioner.

    It is recommended to use successful birth control measures after consuming Cytolog for one month or one completed monthly cycle.

    Avoid intake of tobacco and alcohol as it can increase the complication and lead to severe bleeding.

    Sometimes an incomplete abortion may occur. It can be a very rare case so inform your medical practitioner in such cases. Be in touch with a medical expert if you have any emergency.

    If you observe any uncommon symptoms such as prolonged or severe bleeding, symptoms of infection (such as chills, fever), fainting, etc. inform your doctor immediately.

    You may observe severe bleeding during the process so do not use tampons or menstrual cups. Use sanitary pads instead.

    Have a good diet during your abortion procedure. Avoid going to the gym or lifting heavy weights, driving a car, etc.

    After completion of your abortion process go for a final check-up where you can get confirmation that your pregnancy has effectively ended.

Where do you need store the abortion pill?

After you buy cytolog online, Store the medication in a clean and dry place away from pets and small kids. Keep away from moisture and sunlight below 77 degrees.

Unless recommended, do not flush the medicines in the toilet or throw them in the drainage.

In case of expiry or no longer required, ask your medical expert about the discarding procedure.

Where can you buy Cytolog online at an affordable rate?

You can buy Cytolog online from our website at affordable cost and various shipping methods which enables you to get your abortion pill at your door-step easily

reviews of Debra Huston
Debra Huston
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I was 4 weeks pregnant when I took misoprostol 2 orally then I insert 2 vaginally. After 3 hours I had mild to severe cramps but it was just like a mensural cramps, then came the bleeding and then a thick black blood was expelled. All this happened within 2-4 hours since then it has been small drops and mild cramps that comes and goes

reviews of Ainsley Thompson
Ainsley Thompson
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If you're seeking abortion pills to end a pregnancy, I suggest trying Cytolog tablets from this website. They are my preferred choice among abortion pills.

reviews of Taylor Green
Taylor Green
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It is an easy task to end a pregnancy with Cytolog pills. Simply take the pills buccally and wait for the procedure to start. You will experience bleeding expelling the pregnancy quite soon.

reviews of Anna George
Anna George
  • rating-1 rating-2 rating-3 rating-4 rating-5

Cytolog pills can cure you of your worries about an unplanned pregnancy because they are effective for medical abortion.

reviews of Sheron
  • rating-1 rating-2 rating-3 rating-4 rating-5

I was going through a bad phase and did not have anyone look out for me making it hard to carry on a pregnancy. I underwent a Cytolog abortion at home and got out of the situation with ease. The pills successfully liberate you from unintended pregnancy.

reviews of Alisha Berry
Alisha Berry
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Information on Cytolog is available here. You get to know everything about medical abortion and its safety - a good pharmacy.

reviews of Nora Clower
Nora Clower
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Thanks for stating the effects of Cytolog explicitly. Keeps expectations clear and lets know people what to experience from a medical abortion.

reviews of Maria Reese
Maria Reese
  • rating-1 rating-2 rating-3 rating-4 rating-5

Cytolog abortion pills when taken vaginally can cause a few contractions but for sure terminate the early pregnancy without any delays.

reviews of Albertina
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Thanks for offering a self-managed abortion option through Cytolog pills. It took just two days for the pregnancy to terminate properly.

reviews of Jane Sharp
Jane Sharp
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Right from transparency, and privacy, to fast shipping, everything about this store fulfilled my expectations about Cytolog abortion pills online.