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What is Cytolog?

Cytolog is an abortion pill. You can buy Cytolog online as it is used in process of medical abortion. It is used for abortion of up to 8 weeks of gestation. Cytolog is responsible for removing the remaining contents of terminated pregnancy from the womb. Cytolog is prescribed with another medicine Mifepristone which is a primary abortion pill and causes abortion of pregnancy.

The function of Cytolog:

The Cytolog medication contains Misoprostol which causes contractions in the uterus so the remains of the pregnancy can be removed from the uterus. It removes the thickening of the uterus lining caused by the pregnancy. It also causes ripening and dilation of the cervix which helps to expel the pregnancy tissues from the uterus. /p>

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Dosage of Cytolog:

You should always follow proper dosage while taking any medication. The Cytolog total dose is 800mcg which is taken in form of four pills of 200mcg each. The Cytolog medication is taken 24 to 48 hours after the Mifepristone tablet is taken. Which is primary abortion medication.

In case you don’t experience any cramps or bleeding in the 24-hour duration of taking Cytolog pills you might need to repeat the dosage of Cytolog you should seek consultation from a medical professional in this case. This can be due to the greater growth of the fetus than expected or that you are in your gestation period longer than 8 weeks.

The right method for Cytolog medication:

When you buy Cytolog online make sure you know the right way to use it. There are two ways in which Cytolog can be taken buccally and vaginally. Both methods are safe and effective and should be carried out as explained below.

Buccal intake of Cytolog abortion pills

In the buccal intake of Cytolog pills, you need to put 2 pills each (consisting of 200mcg Misoprostol) in both of your chick’s pouches. The pills have to stay there for the next 30 minutes. During this time the pills are expected to be absorbed into the body through saliva. You should not engulf or chew any pills before the completion of thirty minutes. You can engulf the remains of the pills if any after 30 minutes.

You are advised to drink a glass of water before you put Cytolog pills in your cheek pouches for better facilitation of the absorption process.

Vaginal intake of Cytolog abortion pills

You can sit, squat, stand, or whatever position you find comfortable for vaginal administration of Cytolog pills. The four pills are to be pushed into the vagina one after the other with the help of your index finger.

You are advised to empty your urinary bladder before you start inserting pills into the vagina.

Both the methods of Cytolog consumption are safe and you can choose any method according to your choice and comfort. Generally, medical experts advise vaginally insert the pills as there won’t be any disturbance or interference in case you feel like vomiting.

Expected symptoms after medication when you buy Cytolog online:

You will experience cramps for a couple of hours as Cytolog enhances the contractions in the uterus. As the remains of pregnancy are expelled from the womb you will experience bleeding. The bleeding will last for 6-8 days and will be heavier than the regular periods. Both the cramping and bleeding are expected symptoms as they indicate the successful completion of the medical abortion process.

Possible side effects you should know before you buy Cytolog online:

Medical abortion using Cytolog abortion pills is a completely safe process. There are no major or permanent side effects that you will experience due to abortion. The mild short-term side effects may occur which can be some of the following.

  • Feeling of nausea
  • Headache or body pain
  • Feeling tired and dizziness
  • All the above are temporary symptoms and will soon reduce as time passes.
  • Precautions to be taken:

    Keep in mind that you have to take the first pill containing Mifepristone 24-48 hours before you take Cytolog pills containing Misoprostol.

    Below are the precautions you should keep in mind during a medical abortion.

    If you have medical histories like issues with stomach, intestine, kidney, liver, uterine rupture, or more than five pregnancies in the past you should communicate it to a doctor before starting the process of medical abortion. If you went through caesarian delivery in the past or have any surgery on the uterus consult about it with a doctor in advance. Breastfeeding mothers of infants should strictly avoid breastfeeding while you are on pills. It is best to store breast milk before starting the abortion process. Avoid sexual intercourse during the abortion process as it can lead to infections or some other complications.

    Cases in which you should not buy Cytolog online:

  • In the case where pregnancy is not intrauterine and is growing outside the uterus abortion pills or medical abortion will be ineffective..
  • If you are allergic to the contents of any of the abortion pills you should consult a medical professional and better use the surgical abortion method..
  • If you are addicted to alcohol consumption or smoking you should not use abortion pills..
  • How to buy Cytolog Online:

    You can buy abortion pills online from any online pharmacy. At this online pharmacy website, you can even Order Cytolog 200mcg Tab with easy payment methods. The website secures your payment and other data with advanced security technology. This is an easy, affordable price and a genuine place to order Cytolog online in the USA.

    Storage method for Cytolog:

    The Cytolog abortion pills should be stored in a cool and dry place away from moisture and away from the rich of children.
reviews of Katrin Durr
Katrin Durr
  • rating

Easy to place an order on this website I just emailed them and did the payment within minutes. Now waiting for my order. Will share my experience with the Cytolog pill soon.

reviews of Morgan Mcclain
Morgan Mcclain
  • rating

It was an easy experience for me to have a medical abortion with the Cytolog abortion pill. No severe side effects, no incomplete abortion.

reviews of Emily Kaye
Emily Kaye
  • rating

Cytolog abortion pill is very effective. I took it when I was 6 weeks pregnant and within 3 hours the bleeding started. Thanks a lot for suggesting me Cytolog pill.

reviews of Laura Davis
Laura Davis
  • rating

Cytolog pills were recommended to me by my friend, and I took it as she said and my abortion got successful. Thanks a lot for sending me the pills on time. 

reviews of Piedad
  • rating

I am scared of any type of surgical procedure. That's why I chose to do medication abortion as it feels more natural compared to the other method.

reviews of Kacie
  • rating

I was stressed when I got to know about my unwanted pregnancy. I was looking for a way out when I learnt about abortion pills. That is why I ordered Cytolog pills with fast delivery.

reviews of Megan
  • rating

The abortion process went a lot better than I expected. I am really happy with the medication abortion that I had with Cytolog pills. I feel much better now.

reviews of Hermelinda
  • rating

This unplanned pregnancy was totally unexpected. I do not want to be a parent too soon. I need some more time to be emotionally ready for this kind of responsibility. This is why I aborted my pregnancy with Cytolog pills successfully last week.

reviews of Madeleine
  • rating

Abortion for seven weeks pregnancy with Cytolog pills had heavy bleeding and severe cramping. I just went through it with the pain relief pills I have stocked up in advance as I was expecting that there will be a certain amount of pain that I won't be able to handle without medication. Apart from that, it was all fine.

reviews of Marilyn
  • rating

Getting pregnant was never my plan and it's not in my near future either. So when I found out that I am pregnant I decided to abort this pregnancy and bought Cytolog abortion pills for the same.

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